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Welcome to Wayfare & Bloom, my new adventure. After my unintentional year-and-a-half blogging break, I’m beyond excited to introduce my new site dedicated solely to travel.

I had never traveled much, but then I decided to study abroad for a semester in college in Arusha, Tanzania, a country on the coast of East Africa. It was my first time doing any sort of major travel and it was my first time out of the country. The four months I spent in Arusha and the time I spent traveling through East Africa were an amazing and formative time in which I realized the importance of travel to my soul. I learned a new appreciation for life of all kinds and gained a deeper level of optimism and gratitude that I desperately needed.

I spent the next few years taking small trips within the United States until last summer, the summer of 2013, when I spent a little over three weeks in Europe. Now that I’ve had a few varying levels of travel experiences (Uganda and England are vastly different), I want to begin reflecting on my time in various cultures, environments, and landscapes. I want to share my stories and my photos and some of what I’ve learned, even if it’s just for me. Really, I want to remember and I want to appreciate. I want to continue processing and growing. I’ve created this space to do just that.

Thanks for joining me, and happy travels! xo