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There’s nothing like a road trip. Sitting in the car, gazing out the window at the most incredible views, and talking to a best friend about anything and everything. Katie and I laughed, we cried, we talked politics and religion and relationships and feminism and sexuality and love and loneliness, we forgot to listen to music most of the time, we stopped for picnics on the edges of lakes. It felt like an exhale, a release of some kind.

We began in Boulder, CO, and drove south through Buena Vista to Poncho Springs. We headed west to Montrose and then turned south again to pass through Telluride and the San Juan National Forest until we finally reached Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez. After a day in Mesa Verde we drove northwest into Utah until we reached Arches National Park, and then we headed east back into Colorado through Grand Junction before continuing on to Boulder.

Other than the national parks and our time in Utah, which will be their own posts, some highlights of our trip were driving through Telluride, CO, the most beautiful town on earth; stopping for homemade donuts in Buena Vista, CO, the town where Katie’s mom grew up; swimming at Glenwood Hot Springs, the largest hot springs pool in the world; driving between Grand Junction and Denver with those beautiful mountain/river views; and the veggie burgers and jalapeño poppers in Glenwood Springs, a life-changing meal after a few days of tuna packets and pretzels.

I’ll never be able to describe the truth of our journey — physical, mental, and spiritual — but I will always keep it with me. Colorado is stunning and the landscapes are completely different from those I’m familiar with. It was like being in a new world for five days. Experiencing it with Katie gave me joy, and I felt loved and understood — held by her. I left Colorado filled with peace, healed in many ways. It was one of the most beautiful weeks of my life.