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The Cliffs of Moher, one of the most iconic sights in Ireland, are epic. No matter how many photos of the Cliffs you’ve seen, you must see them in person.

After a gorgeous drive through County Clare, we finally reached the Cliffs. While we were walking to the edge, which is a fairly long walk, my anticipation was enormous. I thought — I might be so overly excited that they seem underwhelming to me. I didn’t need to worry because they were absolutely breathtaking. Visitors must choose to walk either right or left (or both if you want to stay a while); we chose right. In keeping with the standard Irish climate, the day was overcast, misty, and it began to rain towards the end of our time there. The paths are narrow and there are only a few fences — apparently it’s common enough to be swept over the Cliffs by a sudden gust of wind that there were a few haphazard signs of warning. We walked as far as our legs would take us before the slow climb back to the beginning.

I’ve never felt smaller, which is exactly what you need sometimes. When I looked at the Cliffs, all I could think was, I can’t believe places like this exist in the world. But they do, and they’re everywhere, and you need only go outside and explore this wild, precious planet to see them and to feel grateful to be a tiny part of it all.

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After a quick lunch in Doolin, the town near the Cliffs, we took a “cruise” around the Cliffs to get a better view. I had booked the cruise months before in an attempt to find a less strenuous activity for my mom and her still-not-fully-healed broken leg. What we got, however, was a long, terrifying hour on the sea — the rough, stormy sea — in which our fellow passengers were crying, vomiting, and hiding. A handful of more adventurous people sat at the front of the boat and enjoyed the tossing and turning and sea spray. I snuck outside for a bit until I fell and almost broke my camera. The rest of the hour was spent willing my stomach to keep my food inside and comforting the crying woman behind me. We laugh about it now, but was it worth it? TBD.