While my family was staying on Tybee Island, we ventured to Savannah for two epic day-trips. The drive is short and easy, and the city feels like a smaller, slightly different version of Charleston, SC, a city we all love. We explored an old, beautiful cemetery, admired the beautiful pink flowers everywhere, had afternoon tea at SCAD’s Gryphon Tea Room (a highlight of our trip), shopped, and ate incredible meal after incredible meal. I didn’t take very many photos because I was almost over-stimulated — everywhere I turned there was a beautiful tree, an old building, a gorgeous square.┬áThe city was unreal.


I tried to plan out our time in the city as I do most trips, but what ended up being the most successful and the most fun was forgetting our plans and simply walking. We walked, we got lost, we stumbled on some beautiful places. We loved every second of it.